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Here are a few contemporary photographers that I find both their photography and writing to be enlightening and helpful to my photography. I hope you’ll take a look at their work and that it’s beneficial for you.

Kirk TuckDavid du CheminAndrew GibsonGary Hart

Kirk Tuck - Visual Science Lab

He’s a very down to earth photographer working in Austin TX. He does a lot of business related photos, portraits , etc. as well as his own photos. His writing can get technical but he’s also good at talking through is thought process, especiallywhen he’s justifying buying new equipment (we’ve all done that). What I like about his writing is that it’s down to earth and he doesn’t shy away from his mistakes, and is very upfront about things. As it says in his ‘about’ blurb “ > If you don’t like what I write go somewhere else and read something you do like.

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David du Chemin

David is an interesting photographer whom travels the globe to find subjects for his photos. His writing approach is not focused on the technical details but rather on the thought processes needed to capture a great image. His articles and books are always helpful and thought provoking.

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Andrew Gibson

I’ve been reading his ebooks and articles for over six years now. His writings cover a wide range of topics from camera settings, exposure, composition and post processing. I find his instructional style to be very easy to read and understand, and he provides clear examples of his recommendations. He has covered almost every photo topic you can think of, and I’ve listed a few of my favorites.

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Gary Hart

He’s a landscape photographer who does a lot of his work in the western US, Yosemite, Grand Canyon and other scenic locations. His Yosemite work is what first caught my attention, and lately he’s been adding astrophotography to his gallery which is impressive. His lightning shots are also spectacular. In addition he has several articles where he offers tips on how he captures his photos.

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