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Love what you photograph. Photograph what you love

He talks about the ‘why’ behind making photographs. Here are two quotes that resonate with me.
When we make images we seem to forget that our highest and best use of our cameras is as tools to interpret and share not only what we see but how we see it.”

“Sometimes we have to quiet our thoughts in order to see beauty more clearly. Sometimes we have to subdue our need to master a craft in order to understand more completely its real magic and its real reason to exist.”

My friend, Chris, says: “You date the cameras, you marry the glass.”
The title says it all…

Does your insistence on using the same camera for years at a time hamper your artistic growth? How do you know?

we all tend to be limited by the boundaries imposed by our habits.

I think it’s instructive for people to move outside their creative comfort zones as often as possible. *

when your work resonates across formats you’ve hit your innate style. Style seems separate from curiosity or vision or creativity*.

I suggest changing cameras. I like to change cameras… it keeps me interested because it makes me work in different ways.